Kickstarter projects must now disclose risks

By: Eddie Makuch, News Editor

Kickstarter_33501_screenKickstarter campaigns will now require creators to divulge and discuss “risks and challenges” associated with their projects. An entry on the official Kickstarter blog titled “Kickstarter Is Not a Store” spells out the new requirements for projects moving forward.

Beginning immediately, all Kickstarter pages will include a “Risks and Challenges” section where creators must not only disclose these issues, but also discuss how they are effectively prepared to overcome them.

Kickstarter says it added the new section to make sure that creator’s projects are in development, and are not simply prototypes or fledgling ideas. With the new “Risks and Challenges” section, Kickstarter claims users will be better equipped to decide whether or not to back a specific project.

In addition to the new “Risks and Challenges” section, Kickstarter also announced new hardware and product design guidelines. The company said creators are now prohibited from providing product simulations, and are only able to display products performing actions that they are able to in their present state. Additionally, product renderings have been banned.

These new policy guidelines are effective immediately for all hardware and product design projects. A Kickstarter representative told GameSpot that past products–including the new Android-powered Ouya console that took in more than $8.6 million–will not need to retroactively adhere to the new guidelines.

Other gaming projects on Kickstarter that have reached target funding but have yet to release include Double Fine’s adventure game, Obsidian Entertainment’s isometric PC role-playing title Project Eternity, and a Leisure Suit Larry remake, among others.

Kickstarter said last month that if any project fails to come to market, after a successful campaign, the company would not get involved with refunds.

Source: GameSpot

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