A Little Too Commercial | Review of ‘Dexter’s Final Cut’ (Dexter #7)

By Cynthia Ayala

Dexter’s Final Cut by Jeff Lindsay
Image Credit: Goodreads

Hollywood has come to Miami and is shadowing one Dexter Morgan. But one of the stars has her own murdering stalker putting Dexter in a precarious situation, one that only gets worse as his family life starts to dissipate.

Published on September 17, 2013, by Doubleday, Dexter’s Final Cut by Jeff Lindsay is the seventh novel in the critically acclaimed series that follows Dexter Morgan and his dark deeds.
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Weekly Reading List #39

By Cynthia Ayala

Hey there readers! I hope that everyone is having a great week. I’m doing good, hanging in there, less than 40 days left for school. I’m pretty happy; nothing has stressed me out yet. I have to register for classes on Monday, that means I am going to have to wake up obscenely early (yes, waking up at 6 am is obscene) and then register and then pass back out, if I can. I’m looking forward to my class selection, it’s all about me starting my FINAL semester at Emerson College, woo!

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