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Nomura: Development on Final Fantasy Versus XIII is steadily continuing

By: Erren Van Duine

Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s development is steadily continuing, according to Testuya Nomura..

Full details from our initial report on his interview with Famitsu magazine have surfaced online with the vast majority of the content focusing on Kingdom Hearts HD.

Following those words, Nomura broke the silence on his flagship project Final Fantasy Versus XIII. This marks the first time he has gone on record about on the project since rumors sprang up surrounding the game’s cancellation back in July. “Versus XIII’s development is steadily continuing. All of the staff are working hard so please wait for a follow-up report soon,” said Nomura.

It’s not much, but it appropriately goes along with his absent musings during the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event. As for when we’ll see that follow-up report is anyone’s guess – all we know for sure is that we’ll “see the future of Final Fantasy soon.”

Source: Sokuhou@Hokanko & Nova Crystallis

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