Guests and new songs revealed for Distant Worlds: 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy concerts

By: Erren Van Duine

Distant Worlds: The Celebration, which will be hosted in London and Chicago, will be bringing with it a host of new additions and more.

The Celebration program is full of exciting premieres, beloved classics and wildcards, including these new Final Fantasy scores:

Battle With Four Fiends (FINAL FANTASY IV)
Vana’diel March (FINAL FANTASY XI)
The Dalmasca Estersand (FINAL FANTASY XII)

A newly arranged version of Maria & Draco (FFVI), along with classics like One Winged Angel (FFVII), and To Zanarkand (FFX) will join surprise medleys.

Returning to Distant Worlds, Susan Calloway will be on hand to perform Final Fantasy XIV’s Answers, with Crystal Kay singing a rendition of Eyes on Me (FFVIII). Concerts will also include all new high-definition videos including a history of Final Fantasy presentation.

Tickets are still available for purchase so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, now’s probably the time to do it. Distant Worlds: The Celebration will be held in London on November 2nd, and in Chicago on December 7th.

Source: Nova Crystallis

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