Square Producer Says Final Fantasy XIV Reborn Feels More Like Final Fantasy

By: William Usher

After suffering the humiliating defeat at the hands of the public over the rushed and incomplete release of Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix had to tuck tail and go back into hiding to fix up, revamp and redo the game. Well, now the producer of the game is saying that FF XIV has more of a Final Fantasy-feeling to it than it did before.

Play Front managed to get a quote from producer Sun Yoshida, who stated that:

“The new version will have more of the Final Fantasy feeling – We put things back from previous games, to give him more of the feeling of belonging to the series.” … “things like chocobos, moogles, summons, High Quality cutscenes or story items that will add just this Final Fantasy-feeling. “

With only a moderately butchered translation from Google that didn’t turn out too bad. It’s quite clear that contextually speaking, they just want Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to feel more like the classic games that helped put Square on the map in the first place.

Square has been slowly seeping out new assets and media for Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 to try to regain the trust of gamers and hopefully turn the outing into a financial success. Most of the content has simply been cinematic trailers, as they have a bit of an uphill struggle ahead of them when it comes to getting gamers to trust them again.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is scheduled to head into beta later this year.

Source: Cinema Blend

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