Haha and Byul Want a Son Who Resembles Yoo Seung Ho

By: jnkm Newlyweds Haha and Byul revealed their hopes and plans for their future children. On November 30, Haha and Byul tied the knot at the famous 63 Building in Seoul. Before the wedding ceremony, the couple held a press conference where a certain reporter asked them about plans for children. They confessed that they hope for a son who resembles Yoo Seung Ho. Byul said, “I always wanted a son who looks like Yoo Seung Ho since a long time ago. []

Haha and Byul’s Wedding Funky Wedding Invitation Card Revealed

By: jnkm Haha and Byul‘s wedding invitations have been revealed! Haha and Byul’s friend Lee Kyun tweeted on November 29, “Haha hyung and Byul are finally getting married tomorrow. It will be a private wedding. You can’t enter without your invitation. All those who are invited, all those who are going to celebrate – call me and let’s go together. I give all my blessings to the couple,” along with a photo of the wedding invitation. The wedding invitation is definitely not []

Haha and Byul’s Funny Wedding Photos Released

By: yw740030 Haha’s hilarious wedding photos were released. On his Twitter on October 27, photographer Oh Joong Suk posted Haha and Byul’swedding pictures along with a message, “Today was the best day ever! The photoshoot was filled with happiness, fun, and laughter.” Oh Joong Suk commented, “I had a wedding photoshoot with Hybrid Sammy Sosa Rio Raybe. I also had a photoshoot with Ha Dong Hoon at the same time.” In one picture, Haha transforms into the character created in the variety []

Haha reveals his thoughts on ‘Infinity Challenge’

By: samyisam Singer HaHa recently revealed his thoughts on MBC‘s ‘Infinity Challenge‘. On April 27th he posted on his Twitter, “It’s been a while, but we filmed ‘Infinity Challenge’ yesterday… I almost died laughing. I was excited and also bitter for some reason.. Our Lee Na Young, Lee Tae Sung, Lee Joon, and now joining our family Defconn, I was so happy filming with you all. It was a very thankful day. I only want to show everyone what we did!” Followers []

Running Man Part 2: G-Dragon’s perfect revenge for HaHa’s Insult (120311) [NEWS]

(Warning: this article May Contain Spoilers) Idol group Big Bang member G-Dragon took the most perfect revenge against ‘Running Man’ member HaHa who has insulted him. On the March 11th installment of SBS‘s ‘Running Man’, G-Dragon showed total motivation to capture HaHa in the latter half. On the show, G-Dragon would not catch HaHa even when he was right in front of him saying “HaHa hyung where are you?” paying HaHa back exactly the way it was done to him last week. []

Big Bang’s G-Dragon vs. Haha on ‘Running Man’ [NEWS]

GD VS. Running Man VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL (Warning: This article may contain spoilers) Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Haha are gearing up for a fierce competition. The second episode of Big Bang special will air on March 11 through SBS’s Running Man. The group members and the show members were divided into two teams, an attack team and a defensive team. Each team has a bell on each other’s shoes. In the March 4 episode of the show, the show members []

[NEWS] G-Dragon got a little humiliated on “Running Man”?

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon got humiliated on ‘Running Man’. On March 4th’s episode of ‘Running Man’, G-Dragon was looking for the Running Man Ticket, but he ran into ‘Running Man’ member Haha and fell into danger. While he was running away from Haha, he ran into the ace member Song Ji Hyo and almost became the first member of Big Bang to be eliminated. But to show off his location, Haha pretended he didn’t recognize G-Dragon and even asked him, “Who are you?” []