A Vibrant Retelling | Review of Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2)

Another riveting fairy tale retelling by Marissa Meyer combines sci-fi and those classic fairy tale tropes to present an entertaining and fast paced story.

Warframe hits open beta with new update

By: Jonathan Toyad Digital Extremes has “soft launched” its third-person shooter Warframe into open beta, complete with a massive update. The patch, called Update 7.0, has brought in new warframes for players to try out: the saryn and banshee. The former has corrosive attacks that dissolve both organic and synthetic material, while the latter has sonic-powered offensive and support capabilities. The update also introduces a new snow-themed stage called the Corpus Outpost that features an open-ended environment. New weapons in the update include []

Black Swan Screenwriter Adapting Bestselling Thriller Syndrome E

By: Nick Venable The destructive power of art can be a fascinating theme, although more so in the case of something like Dorian Gray than the Pawnee Indian murals onParks and Recreation. The international bestselling novel Le Syndrome E, written by French author Franck Thilliez, follows that theme, describing the deadly effect a rare film has upon those who watch it. Combined with a police procedural plotline, the novel reads like a combination of The Ring and Se7en, two of my favorite films of the last twenty years. Paramount []

Brief update on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Lightning Returns from Paris Games Week

By: Erren Van Duine While nothing substantial, a small update on both Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Lightning Returns has come out of Paris Games Week and its Final Fantasy celebration. FF Dream, who spoke with Square Enix World Technology Director Julien Merceron, was able to catch a few details on some of the company’s upcoming projects. Regarding Lightning Returns, development is coming along swiftly, and they’re currently showing the game to focus groups in order to narrow down what elements they []

Final Fantasy Super Fan contest deadline extended

By: Erren Van Duine Square Enix has extended the deadline for its first ever Super Fan contest. You’ll now have until October 29th to get your video submissions in, so you’d better hurry! Anyone from all over the world is eligible to enter this contest – all you have to do is create a short 30-60 second clip of yourself and why you should be crowned the #1 Final Fantasy fan. The best entry will not only win a trip to Distant []

Win your way into the closing credits of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

By: Erren Van Duine Square Enix is looking to crown the first-ever global “super fan” of Final Fantasy. As part of their 25th anniversary celebrations for the series, Square Enix is offering fans to prove how much they love Final Fantasy in an all-new contest. The rules are simple: submit a 30-60 second video explaining to the world why you are the ultimate fan. Full details have yet to be announced, but should be available on the official contest site shortly. The crowned []

Big Bang and 2NE1 voted top K-pop stars in France [NEWS]

Big Bang and 2NE1 have been selected as the male and female groups most loved by the Hallyu fans in France. The Paris office of Korean Tourism Organization has conducted ‘A survey to identify the status and distribution of Hallyu wave in France and the behavior of the Hallyu fans’ targeting 3,775 of local Hallyu fans. Big Bang and 2NE1 have each received 49.9% and 64.8% support coming in at #1. The age range and gender of the fans who prefer 2NE1 []

Weeks 24 & 25 Pt. 3

Weeks 24 & 25 Pt. 3 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL   FP: Wonder Woman & the Furies #1 (of 3) Part 1: The Arrangement Wow.  This was a great story line.  I loved it!  All I need to say though is that Artemis does not deserve the name of Artemis.  I can say that because my name is derived form Artemis.  She is a stain on the name.  Anyway I loved the plot line and how the story goes.  I love []