A Fast Pace Action Story | Review of ‘Ordinaries’ (Shifters #2)

By Cynthia Ayala

Ordinaries by Douglas and Angelia Pershing
Pershing Books
Image Credit: Goodreads

Tanner and Ryland barely managed to defeat the Shifter invasion, saving Earth in the process losing something precious. But now they have a way to get off the planet, a way to bring the battle to the Shifters with unusual allies and powerful gifts. They just have to survive the journey across space.

Published on October 24, 2014, by Pershing Books, Ordinaries by Douglas Pershing and Angelia Pershing, the second novel in the Shifters series takes invasion lit in another direction when the tables are turned in this action packed sequel.
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Weekly Reading List #56

By Cynthia Ayala

Hey there avid readers! The summer has gone and fall is on the winds. I’m back at school for my final semester at Emerson College and I can’t believe it. Now i just need to pass all my classes and all will be well. God it’s nerve wracking. I’m so nervous I find myself shaking, literally, thinking about it. I’m a little scared. That’s a lie, I’m very scared. But I just need to pass, that’s all I have to do. 

Anyway, here’s my weekly reading list, hopefully I’ll have some time to read outside of school. Already have my first 2 page paper due Tuesday….yikes.
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Weekly Reading List #52

Woah, 52 weeks, a whole year of reading and book sharing, seems crazy that a whole year has passed but a year has passed indeed. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and a lovely weekend. I’m getting my eyes checked out this weekend for a new prescription and such, so here’s hoping that that goes well. Anyway, here is my weekly reading list, a list of books to get your book senses tingling. Happy reading.
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A First Person Win | Review of ‘Shifters’ (Shifters #1)

By Cynthia Ayala

Shifters by Douglas and Angela Pershing
Pershing Books
Image Credit: Goodreads

Brother and sister, Tanner and Ryland have not only discovered that they are adopted, that have discovered that they aren’t even from Earth. They are Shifters, rescued by Ordinaries forced off their planet by savage laws and brutal dictatorship of their rulers. Now on Earth, Tanner and Ryland’s lives are in danger not only by a sec of the government called Keepers, but also from Shifters who are trying to keep a prophecy from coming true.

Published on August 1, 2013 by Pershing Books, Shifters is the first novel in the young adult sci-fi Shifters series by father and daughter Douglas and Angela Pershing.
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Weekly Reading List #35

By Cynthia Ayala

Hey there readers! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Nothing new with me, just a little sore throat, lots of post-natal drip, not that you needed or wanted to know that, but anyway I hope everyone is doing great and is enjoying these lists of what’s to come with regards to my book reviews and reading lists. So lets get to it!

As always, just gotta put this little disclaimer here that all the synopsis and photos are courtesy of Goodreads.
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