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Tag: post-apocalyptic

Um….Meh | Review of ‘Hunted’ (Sinners #2)

Expanding on the idea of a society monitored and imprisoned by whichever of the seven deadly sins they have committed, the premise falls short of its predecessor.

Book of the Month Poll – January 2018

New month means new books which means a new selection of books to choose from for the title of book of the month. Check out these titles and see which novel should begin your new year.

Weekly Reading List #63

Can’t figure out which book to curl up to the fire with? Well check out these titles and see if they fit the bill.

Weekly Reading List #43

Ah, summer is here, at least for some of us. Here’s my reading list to start off my Summer Vacation. What’s on yours?

Weekly Reading List #42

Schools almost out it soon it will be time for fun in the sun and poolside reading. Here are some books to put on your to-read this.

An Intense Grounder | Review of ‘The 100’ (The Hundred #1)

Powerful and suspenseful, this story has magnificent world building, but with little action and a more character driven plot, readers will have a hard time relying on their imagination to see these characters and will look toward the show for visualization.

Weekly Reading List #36

It’s Spring Break! Take a look at these titles and see if they are suitable for your beach and poolside reading.

March Book of the Month Poll

Hey guys! Here’s another poll for you on the upcoming books for March. Choose which book you would like to win the book of the month by your anticipation. Happy reading.

A Novel Where Hope Comes to Thrive | Review of ‘Wolfen’

Another great addition to the genre of post-apocalyptic fiction where the world has gone to hell by the man of man. Alianne Donnelly has crafted a well told story centered about three characters and the world they are trapped in with brilliant world building and strong characterization.