A Little Too Commercial | Review of ‘Dexter’s Final Cut’ (Dexter #7)

Jeff Lindsay has brought back the serial killer we all know and love Dexter Morgan and has thrust him into the spotlight where everything that can go wrong does. And while Dexter shines, other characters are struggling.

Michael C. Hall Joins Revenge Thriller Cold In July

By: Nick Venable Though it still doesn’t have a release date yet, Jim Mickle’s We Are What We Are has gotten enough festival buzz to make the film seem like it could be a successful remake – Jorge Michel Grau wrote and directed the 2010 Mexican original – while also rising above Mickle’s other previous lackluster genre efforts. Positivity breeds optimism, which is needed to really get behind his next film, an adaptation of the cult revenge novel Cold in July by revered author Joe Lansdale. But []

Showtime Cancels Weeds: Season 8 Will Be The Last

By: Leslie Kasperowicz After eight seasons on Showtime, Weeds is reaching the end. The show will wrap up in the upcoming season, not really much of a surprise since there’s been plenty of rumor hinting that the eight’s season would be the last. Now the last task is to wrap up all the loose ends and give fans a satisfying conclusion. The word groundbreaking gets thrown around a lot with television series, but I think Weeds is one to which it really []

Sunday Night TV (Oct 2 2011)

Brilliant way to start off the sixth season.  I love the writing in this show, I love how they create a central theme to do the show and, quite frankly I love Dexter (played by Michael C. Hall), he is such a dynamic and unique character and the actor himself knows how to draw all eyes on him with his abilities and his looks.  This season I love the religious symbolism considering Dexter believes in nothing which I think has the abilities []