Showtime Cancels Weeds: Season 8 Will Be The Last

By: Leslie Kasperowicz

weeds_43548After eight seasons on Showtime, Weeds is reaching the end. The show will wrap up in the upcoming season, not really much of a surprise since there’s been plenty of rumor hinting that the eight’s season would be the last. Now the last task is to wrap up all the loose ends and give fans a satisfying conclusion.

The word groundbreaking gets thrown around a lot with television series, but I think Weeds is one to which it really does apply. Along with Dexter, Weeds put Showtime on the original programming map, and gave the pay network a reputation for being the place to go for shows that push the envelope. Although the series was by far one of the best around when it came out, it has been showing plenty of signs of wear in the past few seasons, so the decision to cancel it at this point seems to me to be the right one.

The decision has been made early enough to give producers time to figure out the right way to end things, says EW, which quotes Showtime’s entertainment president David Nevins as saying they “really want to end this one the right way.” Creator Jenji Kohan is “sad” that the show is ending, but she too appreciates the early decision allowing for time to prepare an ending.

As for what we can expect in the final season of Weeds, a few hints have been dropped. The biggest news: we can expect a jump in time and a return to the suburbs where the whole thing began. Back to Agrestic? I can only hope that they decide to bring back the show’s original theme song too, although I know it means I’ll have it stuck in my head in an endless loop. I’m ready to let Weeds go, and it will be interesting to see how the story of Nancy comes to its conclusion.

The last season of Weeds premieres July 1st on Showtime.

Source: Television Blend