Sleeping Beauty

Sunday Night TV (25 Nov 2012)

Prince Charming is officially under a sleeping spell.  It’s nice to see Regina/Evil Queen (played by Lana Parrilla) and Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin (played by Robert Carlyle) working together.  But, there is the connection between Henry (played by (Jared S. Gilmore) and Aurora/Sleeping Beauty (played by (Sarah Bolger).  I think that it’s a bit weird over all, I’m not going to lie, but it is interesting.  Regina’s character growth on the other hand is moving along smoothly and I in this new character setting we []

Sunday Night TV (11 Nov 2012)

This episode felt a little sopra-ish, I mean I still enjoyed watching it, but the acting, over all, felt a little overplayed and it felt like they were trying a bit hard to be so emotional.  Oh, and the mob, yeah that was hilarious and not that well done.  But what I liked was the fact that we got to see a lot of character and story development on Red which was  incredibly good to see.  The dream aspect of the show []

Sunday Night TV (4 Nov 2012)

I love this show. I mean I honestly really love it so much. I was finally glad that we got to see who Henry’s biological father was. I it really was a good show. mean August was such a jerk here, he really was, I can’t believe what he did, its no surprise that he turned back into a wooden man. It’s what he deserves. That being said. And to see her connect with Hook but still have that sense of abandoned []

Sunday Night TV (13 May 2012)

That was resolved way to soon.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this show, and heck I even enjoyed this episode a lot but she broke the curse.  She broke the curse in season 1.  I think what I liked most about this show was the part when Emma does away with Maleficent.  The same way the prince does in Disney’s Animated Movie “Sleeping Beauty”.  It made me laugh but I also did enjoy the symbolism to the Disney movies and the []

Girl cast as young Angelina Jolie has more in common than looks

India Eisley, 18, is the young girl who gets to play young Angelina Jolie in the upcoming disney film of “Maleficent”. Many know India Eisley from her role of the “loving-but-sarcastic” Ashley Juergens on ABC Family’s teen drama “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”.  However Eisley has more in coming with Jolie than just her looks (which really are uncanny).  Have some of you noticed, her character on “Secret Life” speaking in a low, monotone voice, like Jolie.  Hmm, maybe not []

Elle Fanning Confirmed For Maleficent, Large Supporting Cast Added

By: Katey Rich The Angelina Jolie-starring Maleficent, which tells the story of Sleeping Beauty with a focus on the wicked queen, is gearing up for production in advance of its March 14, 2014 release, but casting has been remarkably slow. Last week Sharlto Copley entered talks to play the King, and there had been rumors that Elle Fanning might play the sleeping Princess Aurora, but that was pretty much it. Now, in what looks like a big burst of activity, a huge []

Sunday Night TV (22 Apr 2012)

Great episode.  The writers almost had me going, I actually though August was Bae, Rumplestiltskin’s son, until they told us otherwise anyway.  I do wonder however who he is.  He knows, he knows about the world, he knows about magic and he knows about the curse.  August knows what is going on, now who the heck is he?  If you have any theories, be sure to comment for discussion.  Now, that’s why I really liked this episode, because they had me going, []