Journey development bankrupted studio

By:  Eddie Makuch Adventure game Journey was well received and even broke PlayStation Network sales records. However, its development bankrupted creator ThatGameCompany. “I wouldn’t say that the development of Journey was a successful example of game development,” Journey creator Jenova Chen told Polygon. “We bankrupted the company.” Chen noted ThatGameCompany did make its money back from Journey–plus some–but its release as a PlayStation 3-exclusive hurt the game’s overall sales. “I think … Continue reading Journey development bankrupted studio

Journey Coming Early For PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Sony has announced that their upcoming exclusive PlayStation Network game, Journey, will be releasing one week earlier than scheduled for users of PlayStation Plus. The game is currently planned to release on the 13th of March in North America, with it seeing a release the day after on the European PlayStation Store. However, with the PlayStation Plus subscription, you’ll be able to download it from … Continue reading Journey Coming Early For PlayStation Plus Subscribers