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Tag: The Map of Time

Imaginative & Beautifully Complex | Review of ‘The Map of Chaos’ (Trilogía Victoriana #3)

Felix J. Palma brings his masterful Trilogía Victoriana to a close in this imaginative and complex finale.


Weekly Reading List #8

Woo! So check out what is on my reading list. You know I really like doing these weekly segments and sharing my love of reading with you readers. My boyfriend says I love books more than him and well, he may be right. I love to read, what can I say? Anyway, let’s get down to business, you’re not here to read about my love life. Remember, these synopsis are provided by GoodReads seeing as I still have no idea what they are about yet.

Unexpected Beauty | Review of ‘The Map of Time’

A novel that focuses more on the aspect of telling a story than the actual science fiction of the time traveling. Beautifully written and constructed, The Map of Time offers readers a chance to see the author and is motivation for the novel.