“Don’t Die Dragonfly” By: Linda Joy Singleton

Book 1 in the Seer Series

I love this book. This is my second time re-reading it. I can’t get enough!

Sabine is a psychic teen who was kicked out of her last school because of fear. Now, living with her grandmother (who is also psychic) she is trying desperately to fit in at her new school and both hide and ignore her new gift. That is until she begins having visions of a bloody dragonfly. At first, she doesn’t know what they mean until she meets Danielle. The perfect girl with a Dragonfly tattoo on her wrist. Sabine must race against the clock to figure out who’s framing her for vandalism at school and save Danielle’s life.

Her gift though never shows her though the dark secret her grandmother has hidden from her. A secret her life may depend on.

This book is suspenseful and thrilling, and only the first in the series. Although a bit slow at times, this book will rapidly pick up pace and make you not want to put it down.

Available wherever books are sold.

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