Wonder Woman TV Show : Get It Right NBC!

I’m upset to say the least.  In a recent article I read, they described the iconic Wonder Woman as a female Batman.  WONDER WOMAN IS NOT A FEMALE BATMAN!  That blasphemous abomination in the comics lately, is a female Batman, she is also a thug and not the Iconic Wonder Woman who has made her way through the comics as the powerful warrior princess who has a kind and gentle heart that you can see in her eyes.  That thing in the comics recently is not her.  And I am not the only one to think so.

There are so many forums and blogs that bash her.  There are so many people who have voiced that they have stopped buying those comics, so many people who have said “she’s dead to me know.”  I agree actually because she is not Wonder Woman.  Sales have gone down.  I have gone two three different comic shops before I wrote this, to make sure that my facts were straight.  Her sales have dropped.  People aren’t buying her anymore.  They don’t like her.

Majority  rules right?  I hope so, cause if they do then hopeful NBC will get it through their thick heads to do the iconic Wonder Woman as we knew her, before this horrible outfit change.  Because if they do that thing in the comics, then Wonder Woman, she doesn’t have a chance on surviving on the networks.  Give her back her boots and lasso.  Her bathing suit that highlights her legs, and thighs and bum.  Her breastplate on her chest to block off bullets, and her classic wrist bands and headband.  That is the Wonder Woman I know and love.  That thug, is not.  I hate that thug, and to quote many, many people “she is dead to me.”

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