Tokyo in Trouble

How can you not mourn for this country.  They have been hit, unmercifully, by mother nature, time after time, whiplash after whiplash.  First they had that literal Earth shattering earthquake, that sent Tsunami’s literally across the globe.  Then you have the Tsunami that hit it back, taking about two thousand lives, followed by the waves that brought in those bodies.  All those poor souls, I wept for them.  To die in such a way is horrific and I only wish I had money to donate, to help in some way.  All I can do is pray for them, to pray that they did not suffer, when it is very likely that they did.  To pray that they find peace in Heaven.  I mean, they are running out of body bags and need foreign aid to put those bodies in bags.  Thinking of it makes me want to cry some more.  Add to all that mess the Nuclear plant, and those high radiation levels.  Why do they have to suffer so much?  Why must they?  Again, I wish I could help them, wish I had a job so that I could donate any amount of money because those people, they do not need to suffer so, wondering if a missing family member is dead or alive.  If they died quickly, if they suffered.  I just think of all the mothers and father and children and wonder what else I can do.

I know that the globe is watching, trying to help, and I think, the only thing I can truly do, other than pray that they will make it out of, and that the horror will end is talk about it, bring further awareness to them.  Please, if you can spare some money, help out, help these people through their trouble times.  If, like me, you have no spare money, send your prayers to them, pray for them, even if your beliefs are strained, and you don’t believe much or at all, just pray and hope and wish them well and that they will get through this.  No body, no country, should have to go through this.  Not now, not ever, and hopefully not again.

Dear Tokyo,

I am so sorry for your losses.  I am sorry for the tragedy that has touched thousands of souls.  My prayers are with you all, and I hope that you will make it through this soon.  I hope that all the tragedy will end soon.  For all the loved ones lost, I hope they have found peace in death and I hope they feel the love that you felt for them.  My prayers are with you all.

Cynthia A.

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