Miami Shooting

There was another shooting down in Miami.  That makes 8.  He may have been shooting in defense, but what about the first 7?  There shouldn’t be 7 shootings before that.

Ya know I hate the chief of police there, he keeps covering it up, making excuses.  Tell me, why the hell do they keep using their guns so readily.  My mom calls is Trigger Happy.  I agree with her.  They keep on using their guns, when there is no need and another innocent life was taken.  The Police are the ones doing the shooting, not even for defense, they are not being shot at, although, that might change.  The community is in an uproar, I’m sick and pissed off.  I mean really, they need to be using all the time?  It’s stupid.  And the Chief of Police there, keeps running to the scene to cover up the “mistake” we’ll call it.  He’s not letting Internal Affairs do their job, he won’t let them investigate a shooting like they are suppose to. 

After every shooting, I.A. comes to investigate, to make sure that it was a legitimate and necessary use of a gun.  Now, had they been able to do their investigations earlier, I don’t think there would have been 8 shootings, granted that this last one had merit, supposedly, but the first 7 did not, those first 7 involved innocents.  But no, the chief of police keeps blocking them at every end, making excuses, not letting them do their jobs.  Makes me wonder, what the hell could they be hiding?  Is there more going on then just reckless use of a gun?  They’re hiding something, they know that these shootings had no merit, they know, the Chief knows his men just want to use their damn guns.  Internal Affairs needs to get down there down, investigate everyone there who has ever been involved in a shooting and the Chief of Police, needs to have his badge and gun taken away.  Innocent lives have been taken, gun use was not necessary.  I think by now, we all know that.  And I think that if they keep it up, the community of Miami is going to let their anger and grief overwhelm them and in the end, more blood will be spilt. 

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