Johnny Depp Gets Handsy In New Images From Dark Shadows

Johnny_Depp_Gets_Handsy_New_Images_From_Dark_Shadows_1330727363Something very strange happened yesterday, but it’s entirely possible that you didn’t notice it. You may remember that the first trailer for Frankenweenie, the new stop-motion animated film from director Tim Burton, arrived online. While the trailer itself was fine, there was something that didn’t make sense: Frankenweenie isn’t due out until October 5th, while Burton’s other 2012 movie, Dark Shadows – which has yet to debut a trailer – is out on May 11th. We still have no idea when we might actually see a preview for the 1960s soap opera adaptation (can we at least get a teaser?), but at least a few new character images have arrived online.

The new issue of Vanity Fair apparently contains a few portraits from the upcoming title, which were scanned and delivered online by Hollywood Elsewhere. The images include yet another look at Johnny Depp as the vampiric Barnabas Collins, Eva Green as the witchy Angelique Bouchard, Michelle Pfeiffer as matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, and Helena Bonham Carter as psychologist Dr. Julia Hoffman. You can see the new look at Depp below and head over to the source see the rest.

While we’ve seen a few images from the movie already, this image gives us our first really good look at Collins’ hands, which look like they were taken straight out of Nosferatu. I’m still not sure about the insanely heavy make-up or the bangs, but we’ll just have to see how they play when we finally get to see the character in motion.

Dark Shadows also stars Jonny Lee Miller, Chloe Moretz, Jackie Earle Haley, Bella Heathcote, Christopher Lee and Gulliver McGrath. To learn more about the film, head over to Blend Film Database.

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