A First Look at Medal of Honor Warfighter

Tonight Danger Close revealed the international focus present throughout the Medal of Honor: Warfighter experience. Both online and off, every element of the game represents international teamwork amongst Tier 1 teams from 12 different countries.

In multiplayer, players can select British SAS soldiers, Polish GROM teams, the German KSK and more. Whereas 2010’s Medal of Honor was set in Afghanistan across a short period of time, Warfighter is set in multiple countries including Somalia and the Philippines. Throughout the missions bringing back characters from the last Medal of Honor entry, they also team up with local special forces teams wherever they’re operating.

During a gameplay demonstration, the destructive power of the Frostbite 2 engine (Battlefield 3’s framework) permeated every aspect of the fight. While sneaking through a flooded city in the Philippines, the product of a recent monsoon, the members of Task Force Mako shoot down dozens of enemies, cracking through wooden posts, tables, floorboards, and more.
Bullets splashed through the knee-high water flooding the level. And chandeliers swung left and

right, reacting to gunfire and explosions surrounding them. After saving a group of hostages, the demo showed off a boat chase through a village ravaged by the flood, with rain and bullets pounding down along the way.

The elements look familiar in the saturated modern shooter world, especially since one main character looks a lot like Captain Price (it’s the hat and the beard). Danger Close claims that tone is Warfighter’s strongest asset, giving respect to the actions of these based-on-actual-events missions. It’s difficult to tell if this takes precedence from a short glimpse of gameplay.

One interesting shooter mechanic that deviated from the modern standards we’ve grown accustomed to was a multiple choice breach mechanic. Standing to the side of a doorway, the protagonist chooses to kick the door in, breach it with explosives, or toss in a flashbang. Depending on the choice, the events played out inside the room differ.

Medal of Honor Warfighter comes out on October 23rd.

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