G-Dragon: I would Only Hurt Others If I Kept Hiding [NEWS]


Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon talks about what he feels about Big Bang’s comeback on Alive Big Bang.

On 9th March 2012, SBS broadcast a one hour comeback special “Big Bang Comeback Show – Alive Big Bang” and through the broadcast, G-Dragon expressed his feelings regarding the comeback for the first time. He said, “(After the incident) I can’t keep hiding. Because this would bring hurt to many others, I can’t do so.”

G-Dragon future explains, “Rather than saying hundreds and thousands of reflective words, why not come out as a changed person for all to see and gain forgiveness from them in this way. Because of such thoughts, I have thus took out the courage to step forward.”

He continued, “Once confirming the determination I have for this comeback, I felt more pumped up and therefore is more sure of what I should be doing.”

Source: BBNUS@weibo

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