71: Into the Fire

71_Into_the_FireThis was a beautiful movie and so tragic as well.  Here you have a group of 71 Student Soldiers, kids half of them, defending this school against North Korean forces that threaten to over take South Korea.  This was a true story movie that I have been meaning to watch for a very long time.  T.O.P was magnificent, watching him in this movie made my heart ache.  He starts out as this scared kid but then his character develops into this strong person who is ready to truly fight and defend his homeland.  There were so many powerful performances in this movie, it was just beautiful.  I loved it so much and by the ending I just wanted to cry.  But it was because of these sacrifices why South Korea was able to prevail.  Such a beautiful movie.  If you want to see for yourself, I 100% recommend buying the movie, which is what I plan on doing myself.  However, because I understand this economy, here is a link to watch the movie in it’s entirety with subtitles:


I give this movie 4/4 stars and an “A+”.

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