Explore the ‘ big bang, ‘ on the ‘ 1 ‘ is a popular topic super-special stage ‘, ‘ Yo se 4

The Group’s popular big bang ‘ comeback ‘ stage in more than ever.

Last November, was aired on SBS ‘ popular ‘ mini album comeback for big bang this House 5 appearances, intro, starting with the ‘ blue ‘, ‘ bad boy ‘, ‘ fantastic four ‘, and so the total stage colorful babies.

Bang Bang ‘ alive ‘ SBS since it appeared on stage the music directly to their songs was the first to open the window. Other artists are making a comeback on stage, calling for two songs, for a total of 4 times compared to the big bang-a-thon has raised elasticity of the large stage.

Stand up like a big bang in the intro ‘ Gets ‘ prompts boran, incorporating the lyrics to fit the wire has come off on stage. The emergence of the big bang, and the audience seemed to go away, and the appearance of the table definition, bang the spleen.

After his debut at various music television giant’s line was ‘ blue ‘. In this stage, G-Dragon has been boyeowassdeon long bangs short hair that caught on behalf of Pink’s Unveils. Also like falling raindrops, stage effects in ‘ blue ‘ big bang ‘ passing ‘ blue ‘, such as the letters are melodic, more of.

‘ Bad boy ‘ stage, the members of the Grove stood out the choreographer.Also I want to appeal to the feelings of the members of bad boys smoke eye catching and represent many of the audience seemed intense hairstyles and costumes in this referred to.

‘ Fantastic baby ‘, a large box installed on stage LED members of the. The voice of the members is as intense LED light is also more confident and stronger than ever, the melodic line with eye gotcha. choreography showcase

The big bang is a total of 4 times, unlike all the stage of digestion, was hailed in many netizens. “10 minutes of fans watched the broadcast goes on stage, there was no single moment,” blinder “raves” and also the big bang is different.

At the ‘ blue ‘ and ‘ Community ‘ big bang ‘ of honor is a Verizon song is “a long time thank you for a great comeback album did,” and as soon as the award, as well as a reworked version of “thank you” to all the officials, YG, and the winner was quoted as saying. Another leader g-Dragon is the “good stage might even thanks SBS gave staged,” he said.

This confirms that the big bang is MNet countdown, KBS 2TV ‘ music ‘ msg ‘ is followed by ‘ popular ‘ in banks in the first place, stands at the top of the giant’s squeezing the airwaves.


NOTE: Not that fluent in Korean so my translation might not be totally clear.  Hope you all can understand nevertheless.


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