Big Bang graces French ‘Jukebox’ homepage as remarkable top band [NEWS]

It’s France now.

Group Big Bang has now graced the official homepage of the popular French music site ‘Jukebox’ on March 18th (time in Korea). The stars on the main news of the day include international pop stars Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna and Big Bang are shoulder to shoulder with them.

First, they raved about the number of views on the music video for Big Bang’s new album ‘Alive’. ‘Jukebox’ reported, “Big Bang’s ‘Fantastic Baby’ has recorded 8 million views in just a week. The music video boasts visual that even Lady Gaga would envy.”

Big Bang’s unique style was also introduced. ‘Jukebox’ stated, “In ‘Fantastic Baby’, Big Bang created a spectacular ambiance with a colorful performance and stylish stage outfits. Each of the members have a unique style and dance in a futuristic set and baroque style.”

The opinion of Jukebox is that the sound of Big Bang is competitive even among international pop artists. ‘Jukebox’ stated, “Big Bang’s sound is enough to create a buzz in clubs. The mix of electric and R & B is enough to K.O the Black Eyed Peas.”

Lastly, the potential of Big Bang in the pop market was reconfirmed. ‘Jukebox’ relayed, “Big Bang is undoubtedly one of the top bands of 2012. The Korean group will begin their world tour with ‘Alive’.”

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