Crackdown on illegal distribution of Big Bang′s Alive nets 44 websites [NEWS]

On March 20, The Korea Federation of Copyright Organizations’ Copyright Protection Center revealed Big Bang’s new mini album Alive was illegally circulated on 44 websites. Among these sites, a total of 5,008 songs were found to have been illegally circulated in 659 cases.

According to the Copyright Protection Center, it worked with YG Entertainment to work together in preventing illegal distributions of Alive on the day of the album’s release.

To do this they targeted 213 particular internet service providers, major portal sites and torrent sites by asking them to halt replication and distribution of the album. After confirming the acceptance of the terms by these sites, from February 29 through March 13, for two weeks the center monitored the sites and found 44 of them had participated in illegal distribution.

The Center spoke on the matter saying, “The early-on crackdown on the distribution of new contents has a large impact. Through this measure, we were able to minimize the damage caused by these sites that carried and circulated Alive illegally and we were able to bring to light these illegal uploaders and internet service providers.”


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