Beautiful Days (A Bright Young Things Novel)

Beautiful Days (A Bright Young Things Novel)
Book 2

Really good book.  I really love the style that this book is written, it’s believable and captivating because of that.  I love most of the characters in this book.  I mean Letty bothers me because she just appears so needy!  I mean come on, reality is what it is, that doesn’t mean you have to whine about everything.  Although as the story progresses her character develops which I liked a lot, I mean I think she’s still a bit needy but in her own way, she is a stronger character which makes me happy.  Astrid, though, is by far my favorite character and I love her!  I love how her character was constructed and I love how she was able to maintain being her own woman and strong minded.  Love her!  Anyway this is a good book, I recommend that if you loved the Luxe series you will enjoy this one as well, of course, I’m a little bias because I loved the 1920’s era, it has always captured my interest.  4/4 stars and a “B+”.

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