Big Bang’s Activities and Successful Chart Rankings (120327) [NEWS]

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5 member group Big Bang has become a hot topic in both Korea and Japan recently. Big Bang is taking the concept of “from Asia to the World” and is releasing their album on the coming 28th. The album is going to have Japanese versions of the songs from the Korean fifth mini album, as well as 2 additional new songs.

Big Bang is very busy considering they are promoting in Korea while starting their Japanese promotions. It is said they will be visiting Thailand as well, amidst their programs and interviews happening in Japan.

Big Bang will be putting on an extravagant performance for the famous R&B Hip Hop Festival in Japan called the “2012 Spring Groove.” This event will also feature 2NE1, LMFAO, David Guetta, and more worldwide stars.

After doing Japanese promotions for 2 weeks, Big Bang will return to the Korean stage and feature on SBS’ “Go Show.”

They are also doing very well on the music charts. Since the new album was released, they have been topping the charts and have been very popular, although it’s been almost a month. Big Bang has been staying at the top.

Among the 5 title songs, “Blue” is one song that has been toping the charts, and electronic song “Fantastic Baby” is quickly rising.

Even though many other idol groups have been coming back, Big Bang has been keeping their popularity in the scramble for 1st place. In today’s world where albums are popular for 2-3 days through digital charts, it is rare to maintain popularity after the one month mark.

A representative for Big Bang told Star News on the 27th that “Big Bang is planning on meeting many fans as they travel back and forth between Korea and Japan,” and “they will focus on their Japanese tour in May.”

Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 in Japan” will start on May 17th and 18th, from the Aichi Gaishi Hall, to the Yokohama Arena, Osaka Castle, Saitama Super Arena, along with the Fukuoka Marine Messe. This tour has gathered 130000 people.

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