TAHITI’s Jisoo Receives Praise for Cameo Scene in “Shut Up Family”

By: kimdebbie Girl Group TAHITI‘s member Jisoo made a successful acting debut with a great reputation for solid acting. On the latest episode of KBS 2 TV‘s “Shut Up Family,” Jisoo drew viewer interest as the Hamin High School student who is recognized as the fourth best looking female student that goes by the name of Han Song Yi. In her scene, Jisoo pulls off a great performance of the conceited Han Song Yi who always holds a mirror to her face []

After School’s Lizzy Confesses to Drinking at Work

By: lee23j After School‘s Lizzy is garnering much attention as the newly rising acting-dol with her role as Yuri in “Rascal Sons,” who is hopelessly and unrequitedly in love with Min Ki (played by Ryu Soo Young). Yuri is a wild and hopelessly romantic character, hiding in Min Ki’s car trunk to come back to Seoul with him just after meeting him at a hostel.  In “Rascal Sons,” Yuri insists on living at Min Ki’s work studio and expresses her feelings for []

Monday Night TV (29 Oct 2012)

Wow, so I was expecting a way worse scenario than what was handed to me.  But over all, oh my god, this was such a great episode.  Hopefully you’ve all seen the Wizard of Oz, the original movie.  Okay well remember the scene where she melts the Queen and all her minions were like “yay!” and thanking Dorothy, well, yeah, that was this episode because the head guy, he was absolutely insane, I mean the guy was crazy, that was a thing.  []

David Fincher May Want Brad Pitt For 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, But The Project Is On Hold

By: Eric Eisenberg David Fincher and Brad Pitt clearly enjoy working together, but unlike the working relationship between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp – where the filmmaker will stick the star in just about any lead part, regardless of fit – Fincher only casts Pitt in the proper roles. While they previous collaborated on projects like Se7en, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the director didn’t bring him back for roles in The Social Network, Panic Room, The Girl []

Sunday Night TV (14 Oct 2012)

I love this show. It was nice to see a lot more of the Snow White and Emma versus Mulan and Aurora in this episode versus last week. This time we get to see Mary Margaret kick a lot of ass and show up her daughter. I mean this is her world after all and I mean it’s still a bit odd that Snow White and Emma, her daughter, are the same age, so the fact that they have to establish this []

Taken 2

OMG!!!!! Can I just say, informally, that this movie was so freaking awesome!!! I mean, seriously, don’t even bother with reviews, if you like action and Liam Neeson see this movie. That being said, time to be a little more formal. Taken 2 is the sequel to Taken where Liam Neeson’s daughter was kidnapped and put in the sex trade. I don’t need to give a lot of detail because it’s all online but that piece of detail is essential because it []

If Non-Stop Is A Speed Knockoff, Julianne Moore Is Sandra Bullock

By: Katey Rich With Taken 2 currently dominating theaters after making an incredible $50 million this weekend, now’s a great time for Liam Neeson to start setting up his next project– and, as you might expect by now, he’ll be putting his action skills to the test again. He’s already set to lead Non-Stop, a thriller in which he’ll play an air marshal responding to mysterious threats against the lives of the passengers on board. Now an actress has hopped on board []

Paul Dano Joins Hugh Jackman And Jake Gyllenhaal In Prisoners

By: Eric Eisenberg Paul Dano is moving from the world of time-travel hitmen to a story of vigilante justice. The actor, who very recently appeared alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Jeff Daniels in Rian Johnson’s Looper, has signed on for a part in Prisoners the new film from director Denis Villeneuve. Based on a script by Aaron Guzikowski, the plot follows a man who discovers that his daughter and best friend have been kidnapped. When the cops are unable to find []

Anne Hathaway Nabs The Lead In The Low Self-Esteem Of Lizzie Gillespie, Written By Mindy Kaling

By: Eric Eisenberg You wouldn’t know it by looking at the skin-tight Catwoman costume that she wore in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, but apparently Anne Hathaway has low self-esteem… or at least she will in the new film The Low Self-Esteem of Lizzie Gillespie. THR, which reported the casting, says that the script was co-written by The Office scribes Mindy Kaling and Brent Forrester is a romantic comedy who only dates losers because of her lack of faith in herself. []

Thursday Night TV (20 Sept 2012)

Hilarious.   I really did enjoy how this season picked up.  Last season the women were in power, which was cool, I did love that, I mean I’m a chick, what chick wouldn’t like that.  Anyway, swerving back on topic, the switch in the dynamic could have come off as misogynistic but it didn’t.  It wasn’t funny in any way, it was done very well, in a realistic, funny way.  Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolf lost their jobs on their show within the []