Big Bang & 2NE1, Simultaneously targeting Japan with new albums [NEWS]

Popular idols Big Bang and 2NE1 are said to take over Japan at the same time.

Both groups will start promotions with new Japanese albums on the 28th. Big Bang with “Alive” and 2NE1 with their first full album, “Collection.”
Big Bang’s “Alive” will have two new songs “Ego,” and “Feeling,” along with the songs from the 5th mini album, for a total of 10 songs.

“Feeling” became the theme song for Japanese animation “Transformer Prime,” and it was made by worldwide artist Boyz Noize, G-Dragon, and TOP.

2NE1’s first Japanese album will have Japanese versions of their hit songs from Korea, plus a bonus track of “Like a Virgin.”

2NE1 covered Madonna’s hit “Like a Virgin” with a new feel. Also, they featured in Japanese electronic artist M-Flo’s 6th album with the song ‘She’s So(Outta Control, feat. 2NE1).

After the two releases, on the 31st and on 4/1, they will both be performing in the top Japanese music festival, Spring Groove.


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