Kim Ok Bin is impressed by T.O.P’s hair? [NEWS]

Actress Kim Ok Bin had a few words to say about TOP of Big Bang.

In an interview with OSEN on the 27th KST, Kim Ok Bin commented, “Big Bang’s TOP is really an impressive person.” Apparently, the star was impressed with TOP’s new mint-colored hairstyle for BIGBANG‘s ’Alive‘ promotion concept.

When asked about whether it was difficult to maintain pink hair for her film role in ‘Over My Dead Body‘, Kim Ok Bin answered, “It was really difficult. I don’t think I could do it again. In order to maintain my hair color, I think I had to bleach my head at least 9 times.”

She added jokingly, “It’s a thought I had because of the multiple times I had to bleach my hair, but I think Big Bang’s TOP is really an impressive person. 

“Truthfully, my hair was supposed to give off a feeling of neglect. That’s why my hair was supposed to be pink while my roots were black, but it couldn’t be done with bleach and dye. So I tried to bleach my hair first and then dye my roots black. If you look carefully, you’ll probably find spots where the color didn’t take.”


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