T.O.P confesses he has a short temper [NEWS]

Big Bang‘s rapper T.O.P confessed that underneath his flawless appearance, he has a rather short temper.

On the March 26th ‘YG Special’ episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, T.O.P remarked that he would reveal everything about himself, putting everything out on the table. 

“I have a rather short temper,” he began. “I don’t know how to control it, especially when people call me by my nickname.”

“My nickname is Bingu,” he said, which roughly translates to ‘stupid’. “In the past, Daesung revealed my nickname ‘Bingu’ on an episode of ‘Family Outing‘“, he continued, explaining that he had started to lose his temper with Daesung then as well.

T.O.P then revealed his ‘Bingu Dance’, then even performed a comical couple dance with fellow YG pin-up male, singer Se7en.

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