Big Bang’s Interview with Oricon Style Japan (Part 1) [NEWS]

BIGBANG 『Pressured!? Opening up about their mindset and thoughts on their new album!』

A turning point album for BIGBANG

Q: Before this interview, you were on the Telephone Shocking corner of ‘Waratte Iitomo’ (Fuji TV). Weren’t you nervous?

V.I: We’ve been on the show ‘Waratte Iitomo!’ before, so we were not that nervous.

Q: Unfortunately, you guys didn’t get the phone strap.

V.I: Yeah. Since we are gyudon (beef bowl) maniacs, we expected the audience to love gyudon too. A little bit disappointing.

Q: Gyudon is everyone’s source of power?

D-LITE: I think if there’s no gyudon, I can’t do anything.

SOL: If there’s no gyudon, activities in Japan…

D-LITE: They will be meaningless. We come to Japan just to eat gyudon.

SOL: Just joking! (laugh)

Q: Let’s end the gyudon story here (laugh). This time, BIGBANG is releasing an album after a year. Please send a message to the fans who had been waiting.

G-DRAGON: A lot of things happened last year. After everything, we were finally able to complete the album. There was also pressure, but each member committed their time while getting ready for this, so I had this deep feeling when it was finally completed. For the fans who had been waiting for us, from now on, we will concentrate on our stage and we want to show all of you our cool images.

D-LITE: Like what G-Dragon said, we went through so many things last year. All the members got through it and we’re back as one and completed the album. YG Family staffs also said that so far, this album is the best one. We made the album with confidence while having fun, so we hope that the fans will also enjoy it.

SOL: Releasing the album after everything that happened, it really means a lot for me personally and also for BIGBANG. I think it’s an album that has become our turning point. From now on, our color will become stronger. For fans in Japan, thank you for always waiting for us. We really appreciate it.

V.I: A new album after 1 year.. In a lot of aspects, I think that we’ve upgraded and grown up. For this album, I think that each member feels so much confident. So I think that this is really the best present to all fans. In the future, we hope to come to Japan more often to do promotions.

T.O.P: Same like the others, I think the album ALIVE shows a new shape of BIGBANG as one. Also, we usually record 1 or 2 Japanese songs per album, but this time we challenged ourselves and recorded many songs. And, we also tried hard to make Japanese lyrics. I hope everyone will have fun listening to the album.

SOL: This time, m-flo’s VERBAL did FANTASTIC BABY’s Japanese lyrics. I think the lyrics harmonize the rhythm of the songe very well.

ALIVE” represents BIGBANG’s situation.

Q: The title ‘ALIVE’ has a lot of meanings, but this time, what’s the theme or concept that BIGBANG wants to convey?

D-LITE: The meaning of “ALIVE” is “to live” and up until now the frozen things slowly melted down. With that, I hope we’re be able to convey our passion to music and to the stage.

SOL: The first song, INTRO, is a short track but it represents BIGBANG’s situation. In the lyrics, there’s a part that shows how someone is falling down, but it’s simply not like that. It shows a sense of freedom and express the meaning of being “still alive=ALIVE”.

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