Minzy shares the story behind the gift she got from T.O.P [NEWS]

On the recent episode of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, Minzy revealed the time when T.O.P gave her a birthday present in an odd way that was enough to cause any girl to be taken aback.

Minzy began by saying, “One day, T.O.P started to stare at me with a treacherous look in his eyes and suddenly called me over. He handed me a doll and said, ‘I think I like you’,” causing the studio to be surprised.

However, T.O.P did not deny Minzy’s story and joked, “Yeah, I am a treacherous person!”

MC Lee Seung Gi then questioned T.O.P whether he often presents gifts to girls to which he answered, “Never. It was Minzy’s birthday and I had a teddy bear, which I cherished, so I gave it to her as a present.” When asked why he told Minzy “I think I like you”, T.O.P joked it was because he was a treacherous person out of habit, using the same “habit” excuse G-Dragon had used when asked why he had given Minzy a back hug – causing laughter on the set.

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