T.O.P captivates wife of Japanese comedian [NEWS]

T.O.P has melted the heart of the wife of Japanese comedian, Komoto Junichi.

On April 2, Big Bang was a guest on Nippon Television’s Music Lovers where they performed four songs. In the following talk segment, the members made the crowd laugh with their impression of famous Japanese celebrities and knowledge of popular catch phrases.

On the same episode, comedian Komoto Junichi was also one of the guests where he revealed his wife was in attendance in the studio. But he surprised many by revealing she was there not to support him but Big Bang.

Junichi, who previously made headlines in Korea for his audition on Mnet’s Superstar K3, shared, “My wife is a Big Bang fan. She went to your handshake event.” He then pointed her out in the crowd saying, “My wife is over there.”

When it was revealed member T.O.P was her favorite, he put his hands over his head to make a heart towards her. To this, Junichi made a jealous expression as a joke and attempted to make a bigger heart towards his wife. T.O.P then responded by rapidly firing off a few more hearts with his hands to the amusement of the crowd.

Big Bang is set top begin it’s Japan tour on May 17.

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