Shinhwa members compare themselves to Big Bang and other idol groups [NEWS]

Shinhwa may have 14 years of idol group experience under its belt, but the members admit there are some things the second generation boy bands simply do better.

The Shinhwa members were guests on the April 5 open studio broadcast of Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News, where they were asked how they thought the group compared to the younger boy bands in terms of beastliness, dance synchronization, unconventional performance concepts and even in the members’ confidence in going nude.

During the ‘Shinhwa Up & Down’ segment of the show, the members were first asked to put their thumbs up if they thought they overflowed with more ‘beastly idol hormones’ than idol group 2PM and their thumbs down if they disagreed.

All of the members put their thumbs up confidently except member Andy, who said, “I’m not a beast. I’m just a dol (rock),” drawing laughs from the other members.

Dongwan added, “Like the phrase ‘beastly idol,’ the 2PM members are a mix of the beastly concept and idol [concept], but we’re just beasts. You can’t beat us.”

The members were then asked how they thought they compared to idol group Teen Top in terms of dance synchronization. They seemed less confident this time around, as all of the members except Andy, put their thumbs down, indicating they couldn’t beat the younger competition in this category.

Member Andy showed some tough love towards his protégés, putting his thumb sideways.

Jun Jin said, “Because we’ve been around for longer, in terms of feel, we may be ‘up,’ but I think we lack a little in terms of dance synchronization compared to the Teen Top members.”

Shinhwa was then pitted against idol group Big Bang on the topic of unconventional performance concepts. All of the members except Dong Wan put their thumbs up, indicating they thought their concept was stronger,

“We were just weird—because of me,” explained Dong Wan. (He’s the one in the middle with white face paint.) “The members were, of course, cool. [But] Big Bang is really unique and cool.”

Finally, the Shinhwa members, who shot a nude spread early on in their careers, were asked how they thought they measured up to idol group SHINee, whose members recently made waves with their shirtless comeback photos, in terms of their confidence in going nude.

While the other members were all thumbs up, member Hye Sung stuck his thumb down, saying, “When we took the photo, as you can see, I stood in the back.” He continued, “Compared to the other members, I remember being embarrassed.”

The comparison segment starts around 5:50 in the video below:

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