Halo 4: Cortana’s new look revealed

Cortana has been Master Chief’s constant companion throughout the Halo series, but judging by the artwork for Halo 4 set to grace GameInformer’s May issue, the AI regular may be getting ready to travel beyond the “friend” zone.

Have a look at 343 Industries’ new (and improved?) Cortana design:

Yep, those are some nice, uh, data points. True, Cortana has rocked the curvy, feminine look in past Halo games, but this cover art suggests 343 Industries will be playing up her more alluring assets (while playing down the need for virtual clothes) in the upcoming sequel. To what end? We’re not sure. It’s not like the Halo series needs sex appeal to sell.

Cortana isn’t the only character slated to appear on the cover of GameInformer’s next issue. The full image depicts a familiar Spartan posing menacingly for readers. At least, we assume he’s menacing. For all we known he’s staring longingly as his new favorite computer program. Have a look:

GameInformer hints its upcoming issue will provide full details on Halo 4’s story, insights on its multiplayer, and snapshots of 343 Industries’ work to date. See what we’ve come across so far in Halo 4’s new trailer dissected: The most tantalizing screens and quotes, and our Halofest 2011 interview with 343 Industries Frank O’Connor.


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