Shy and young Daesung can hardly make eye contact [NEWS]

Group Big Bang member Daesung‘s video clip from when he was a high school student has been revealed.

Big Bang was featured on the April 10th episode of SBS ‘Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah, and Choi Hyung Ki’s Good Morning’ ‘Star Secret’ segment. (Watch video here)

On this day Daesung’s video clip from high school was shown. Daesung received training at an academy from his junior year in high school to fulfill his dream to become a singer one day. What drew the eyes of the viewers was that Daesung at the time was so shy that he would sing staring at the floor.

One of Daesung’s shortcomings was his shyness and it was so bad that he couldn’t even make eye contact with people. However, he was able to overcome it through continued training.

During his evaluation at the time, as if to guess the future it was noted that Daesung had the potential to become a gifted talent.

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