Inkigayo PD Talks about Working with Big Bang (120414) [NEWS]

Excerpts from Inkigayo PD Park Gyungduk’s interview with 10Asia:

“I want to make performances and stages for the popular artists that have any overseas fans. Because teams like Big Bang get views up to 2 million and 3 million.”

“The usage of water is very unique. We used water falling from the ceiling to spell out the world “BLUE” and even expressed the water with LED to show many images with the water that was collected on the floor.

I looked into many sets that have used water, but it was difficult to put this image into place. If we made it like the bottom of a pool, the colors would not be vivid, and if wouldn’t work if it was just black. We then found a 21st century Japanese museum’s pool. The pool was made so that people can go under the water , and from the top, one could see people swimming below them. The water falling from the ceiling was the idea of one of our producers who previously worked for SBS . On this stage, G-Dragon could point to the sky and words would fall immediately. I was really amazed and pleased.”

Q: The small circular stage in which Big Bang performed “Bad Boy” was also very impressive and “innovative.”

Park Gyungduk:  “I personally really like that stage. The stage seemed very interactive for Big Bang to ride the rhythm and dance with the fans, so we felt that it matched well. Truthfully, while on set Big Bang said “How could you put us in this crowded space.” (laughs). During the dry rehearsal the members kept having difficulties, but in the end it was a performance filled with strength. The members freely ad-libbed, and we were able to capture many facial expressions and cuts. This was possible because they are very professional and are capable of giving us different feelings each week.”

Source: 10 Asia and BBVIPZ &
Translated and re-uploaded by: @kristinekwak

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