Vortex (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Book 6)

Vortex (Fate of the Jedi Novel)
Book 6

Great book!  Oh my god I loved it so much.  There was so much that happened in this book, simply so much.  The writing was fluid and the characterization was awesome, I truly got a sense of who the characters were.  However, I don’t like Luke Skywalker so much in this book.  Yes, I actually said that and I am as shocked as you all.  I get it Vestara is a Sith, but she’s still a girl and she likes Ben Skywalker a lot, instead and treating her with such animosity, this man who married Mara-Jade, who tried to kill him on several occasions, who risked his own life to save his father, he should at least treat her in a way that will make her want to turn over to the darkside.  Ben is.  I’m just disappointed in why the writers of this series have decided to do this to his character because it doesn’t seem like him at all, not with everything he has done.  I mean yes, be wary, but don’t continually treat her with such animosity, this is how she was raised, but as a reader, even I see hope of her turning to the side of light.  Just my opinion though.  Everything else however, I like characterization and I LOVE the plot line and the way that it is moving along.  3/5 stars and a “B”.

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