Sony’s PS3 Exclusive Datura To Release Next Month

By: Lauren Alessandra  (@fozzness)

Sony's PS3 Exclusive Datura To Release Next Month

Sony Santa Monica’s extremely mysterious PlayStation Move title Datura is set to launch exclusively on the PlayStation 3 next month in the US and Europe.

The titles stems from the effects of the actual toxic drug Datura, which causes great confusion to those who choose to consume it. Its effects can bring extremely realistic hallucinations and can even be fatal. In the game, players must navigate through various areas using the character’s hand. Players can either play the game with the the PS3 controller or use the PS Move.

Datura will release on PSN on May 8th in the US and May 9th in Europe. Incase you’d like to revisit Datura’s creepy trailer, you can view it below:

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