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Uncharted Fan Makes 3 Uncharted Films Using Cutscenes And Gameplay

By: Lauren Alessandra   (@fozzness)

Uncharted Fan Makes 3 Uncharted Films Using Cutscenes And Gameplay

Uncharted fans have been waiting for an Uncharted film to come out for a while now and while some fans try to put together the ultimate Uncharted cast, one fan decided that the Uncharted games could be put into film themselves.

Morphinapg on YouTube recorded all of the gameplay and cutscenes from the three Uncharted games and put them in movie format. The first film clocks in at 1 hour 53 minutes while the second and third film are 3 hours long more or less.

Upon posting the “movies” on Reddit, Morphinapg wrote, “I’ve often heard many people describe these games as like controlling a movie, and have heard many people say that these games are just as fun to watch as they are to play and I agree with both of those things.”

If you’re wondering how exactly Morphinapg was able to cut these games down into movie length, he/she (does not specify) cut out chapter titles, button prompts, and cut down the gameplay sections.

If you would like to watch the films, you can check out Morphinapg’s youtube channel.

Source: Gaming Union

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