Five Join Cut Bank Including Armie Hammer, Sir Ben Kingsley And John Malkovich

By: Jesse Carp

Five Join Cut Bank Including Armie Hammer, Sir Ben Kingsley And John Malkovich image

The crime thriller Cut Bank just added some serious experience to the otherwise freshman affair. The ‘Black List’ script was written by first time feature screenwriter Roberto Patinoa, whose previous credits only include the short-lived yet critically well received remake of Prime Suspect for NBC. Also making his film debut with Cut Bank is director Matt Shakman, again known for his wonderful work in television, including one of the most recent episodes of Mad Men called “Mystery Date.” And while both Patinoa and Shakman are making their first move from television to film, they have assembled a more than capable cast to help ease the transition.

Deadline reports that Sir Ben Kingsley and John Malkovich as well as Michael Sheen, Armie Hammer and Teresa Palmer – two bonafide legends, two rising stars and one that’s oh, right about in the middle – have all signed on for Cut Bank, a story that sounds very similar to Scott Smith and Sam Raimi’s wonderful A Simple Plan, exploring how one seemingly innocent transgression can soon spiral out of control. The film is set in the titular small town of Cut Bank, Montana, and tells the story of Dwayne McLaren, a former high school football star working as a an auto mechanic who has dreams of escaping his small town for bigger and better things.

However, when Dwayne (presumably played by Hammer) gets the chance to change his and his girlfriend Cassandra’s circumstances (the details are vague, but I’m assuming Palmer is the girlfriend and the ‘attempt’ isn’t strictly speaking legal), his actions start the ball of repercussions rolling that will shatter the small town of Cut Bank ‘forever’… you know, if it’s any good. The ensemble that they’ve brought in for the picture inspires confidence, even if this painfully generic statement from the Managing Director at eOne Films International does not, “[we] are proud and delighted to be representing Cut Bank. It’s rare to find a project that is such a compelling read with top notch cast and an exciting new director attached.”

To be fair, generic statements aside, the project sounds very promising as I’m always excited to see new talents get the chance, especially when paired with such a great group of actors. Kingsley and Malkovich need little introduction, both with Academy Award nominations (Sir Ben with a win) and it wouldn’t surprise me if at least one was playing the main antagonist. Michael Sheen was excellent and snubbed by Oscar for his turns in both The Queen and Frost/Nixon. Armie Hammer’s been on the rise since his breakout role in The Social Network and has The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp on the horizon. And finally, Teresa Palmer is a young Australian beauty from I Am Number Four and who can be seen soon in Jonathan Levine’s Warm Bodies.

Source: Cinema Blend

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