Sony Officially Announce PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

By: Darryl Kaye (@DarrylGU)

Sony Officially Announce PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Sony has officially announced their upcoming mega-melee game, which has been dubbed PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and is in development at SuperBot Entertainment. The game was rumoured last year.

The studio was formed specifically to develop this game, which will see many of Sony’s iconic characters squaring off against each other in brutal four-player fights. You’ll see duals such as Kratos against Fat Princess, Sweet Tooth and PaRappa the Rapper. There may even be some Helghast thrown in there for good effect.

SuperBot Entertainment was formed specifically for the development of this title, so Sony are sparing no expense to make sure the game, which is effectively a celebration of everything they’ve achieved as a first-party developer, is of the highest quality.

No release date was offered alongside the announcement, but journalists in North America were able to sample the game. Expect to hear much more about this title at E3 2012.

Source: Gaming Union

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