God of War: Ascension gets multiplayer

Image 1So I am not a big God of War player, but I’ve watched many of my friends play and I have to say, I really want to play.

Sony has confirmed when the prequel game to the series comes out on the PS3 next year, it will do so with a new multiplayer mode.  Sony has not fully revealed the full extend of the multiplayer mode yet, but it has revealed one game type called “Team Execution Mode”.  This mode will feature two groups of four players battling for control of a specific part of the map. In one version of the game, the teams fight to activate a cog chained to a giant imprisoned Cyclops, with the winning team earning the right to kill the helpless monster.

The multiplayer mode will also feature persistent features the more you develop your Troy or Spartan soilders.  With this you can get blessings from the gods, weapons and abilities.

Source: Games Spot

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