The Avengers

The AvengersGreat movie!  You know I was disagreeing with the commercial statements that this was a must see movie, but I have changed my mind.  This is a must see movie.  Some lines were kind of cheesy but overall they had heart with them.  I liked how the movie progressed.  I mean you had team but they didn’t all just get together and say “yeah! we’re a team”.  Nope, they fought their way to becoming a team, literally, the fought one another and became a team.  Also, for once, they made the Hulk a relatively normal size.  Also Mark Ruffalo was amazing.  This cast was amazing, I loved everything about them.  Marvel knows how to do movies, they do them right whereas DC…DC rocks the comics and video games, but movies they do not (Batman movies excluded).  This really is a must see movie with great writing.  It was funny, dramatic and had the flair that makes them a team.  These guys are The Avengers, perfect team, perfect actors.  This movie had it all.  Humor, great acting, witty writing, good plot point, a good story line, and they stayed true to the comics…if you’re a fan of the comics, and even if you’re not, you will love this movie.  4/4 stars & a “A+”.

P.S. It’s official, I prefer Marvel’s Hawkeye to DC’s Green Arrow.

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