League of Legends players banned for exploit

Medialeagueoflegends_58145_screenRiot Games, the developer of the popular online game League of Legends, has apparently booted a number of players who were caught taking advantage of an exploit in the game.

Riot’s community manager told players on the Official LoL Community page that the developer had identified the exploit, fixed it and tracked down all the players who had taken advantage of it in the game.

The exploit (which had been named by players as the “Master Exploit”) allowed players to add more skill points otherwise not allowed and gave them the ability to do more without any cool-down time.  Tsk tsk, that’s cheating if you ask me.

Riot Games has also stated that they are looking into ways to increase the monitoring of the game so that this does not happen again.

The LoL Community Manager had this to say about the  exploit:

“If you’ve been playing online games for any length of time, you probably know that most games eventually have to deal with scum-of-the-earth cheaters that enjoy ruining your experience.  That’s bull****, and we’re not going to allow it. I’m happy to report that the immediate fix has been implemented, and we’ll be restarting all regions this evening to add some redundancy, which will prevent similar exploits in the future. We’ve identified all of the players that have been using this exploit, and we’re going to be taking firm action against their accounts.”

Source: GameSpot

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