Republique Approaches Final Stretch, $150,000 To Go

By: Colin Tan (@unartifex)


Hark! There remains but less than 48 hours to go for Seattle based indie company Camouflaj and its Kickstarter project Republique. It recently hit a major milestone of earning $350,000 out of a pledged goal of $500,000, with over 7,000 backers supporting the terrifying endeavor.

Republique is being developed by indie and mobile games developer Camouflaj, and spearheaded by former Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Halo producer Ryan Payton. It is a game designed specifically for mobile devices, featuring unique touch gameplay integrated into the story.

Here’s how the game goes: called by a desperate young woman, she begs you to aid in her escape from a secret totalitarian nation by hacking into its surveillance systems. Using touch-based controls, you and Hope will attempt to survive several hours of stealth survival gameplay against the nation’s leader Overseer and his minions.

Camouflaj are gunning to push the boundaries of mobile games, and Republique looks set to do just that, featuring cutting edge visuals, and performances from huge names in the industry including David Hayter (Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake) and Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect’sFemShep).

While Republique is designed for mobile touch devices, Camouflaj have also announced a PC and Mac version. You can learn more about this promising project at its Kickstarter page, and if you’ve got the spare cash laying around maybe you could throw it their way. Only 37 more hours to the end of their drive!

Source: Gaming Union

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