Tai Yasue: ‘The Drop Was A Hardship’

By: fozzie

tai-yasue-the-drop-was-a-hardshipCo-director of Kingdom Hearts 3D, Tai Yasue, gave further insight into KH3D’s development in an interview with KH2.co.uk.

Yasue discusses a bit about the final stages of the game’s development offered a “unique enthusiasm”. He joked that when Nomura discussed the “Drop System” initially, Yasue felt a bit of dread.

“It would come off as demanding if it was simply a restriction, so in order to make it feel like a positive thing we made it so Sora and Riku could co-operate through Drop Points,” said Yasue. “I think bringing that into reality was a huge point.”

When talking about the Drop System’s difficulty, Yasue added, “The thing about games is, if there isn’t an aspect of frustration, then there won’t be any sense of satisfaction, will there? That’s exactly why I wanted to put that in!”

Yasue also discusses a bit about how Wondernyan was created amongst other things like the reality shift system. Yasue was also quick to add in that KH3D has the potential to be called a masterpiece above KHBBS.

Guess we have a lot to look forward to when Kingdom Hearts 3D finally hits shelves in North America on July 31st. To check out more of this interview, click here.

SOURCE: KH2.co.uk

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