T.O.P’s Interview with 10Asia [NEWS]

1Here is a n excerpt of the interview with T.O.P:

Because they ‘ain’t like any other guys,’ Big Bang sang in their song that ‘a girl who met the bad boys was in pain.’ However, because they were different from a slew of other idol groups, they became a ‘good’ group. A rapper does not break dance or the whole team does not move in perfect order like soldiers but the people remember their songs and wait for their next performance. What is more important for Big Bang than winning others is doing what they like, which is probably why they were able to realize the world they were dreaming. This doesn’t apply just to music. During the interview, the boys did not exaggerate their words when answering questions or tried to figure out what kind of answers would bring them more popularity. They were forthright in telling stories they wanted and to tell, and what they have to tell, rather than saying things that would keep up their popularity. Being honest to their feelings in the interview, Big Bang looked so mature and even naive. It is the same for T.O.P, who honestly speaks up about his feelings when he’s going through rough times, which ‘ain’t like any other guys.’ Having given up on his positive attitude, the ‘bad boy’ did not easily spat out that he is doing okay. But T.O.P said there are things he is certain of and has his faith in. This is what makes his words more reliable.

“I wanted to make people think, ‘that’s insane, but dope.’”

Q: You received much spotlight again through the latest album. How does it feel wrapping up the promotion?

T.O.P: Of all releases we had the last seven years, “ALIVE” is the one we cared about the most. We paid extra attention to make sure that every little detail is near perfect, so it was probably the toughest one to prepare since our debut. We had problems, both physically and mentally, in the process.

Q: That’s an unexpected answer. Other members told me that they had fun.

T.O.P: While trying to put everything I could in the album, I ran out of my energy to enjoy the process. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with our activities if our promotional period were longer. Because my stage concept and my real persona have a big gap, I had so much to care about.

Q: That’s probably why it left the impression that you were trying to present your fans with near-perfect acting and stage directing.

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