The Dictator

The_Dictator_PosterOkay, now this, this was a hilarious movie, I liked it a lot, I mean there were a lot of really wrong things but overall it was clever.  This movie isn’t just mocking dictators, but it is also mocking policies and our government and well, quite frankly, it was witty, clever and over all hilarious.  I could have done without some scenes however, as well as without some of the vulgarity, but I would still watch this movie again.  This is not however, a must see movie, if you want to see something funny in the theaters then choose this one above others, but  honestly, it’s not one of  those “ohmigod, I need to see this” movies.  However if you choose to see it, it’s not really a waste of money.

3/5 ‘s & a “B-”

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